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  • How to do baby touch exercises?

    Many parents understand the benefits of baby touch exercises, but do not know how to operate baby touch exercises? Today by small editor to specific chat steps. 1. head touch can relieve the babys face tension. You can take a proper amount

  • How to Choose Baby Touch Oil

    There are many mothers in the choice of baby touch oil, will be overwhelmed, so today small editor said that the purchase of touch oil can also be called massage oil three principles. There are many kinds of baby massage oil visible on the

  • Benefits of Baby Touch

    There are many novice mothers who are not very good at communicating with their children. Small editor tells you that proper baby touch is good for the child. 1. can not only increase the feelings between mother and child in the process of

  • Cotton tampon:Related diseases

    Toxic shock syndrome (TSS): nearly half of the TSS occur in menstrual women, fortunately this disease is extremely rare. Because the tampon is in close contact with vaginal epithelial cells, it may reduce the bodys resistance, because the r

  • Sanitary :tampon

    Tampon , also known as sanitary bolt, is a kind of cotton cylinder, mainly made of cotton, man-made fiber or these two materials mixed, with diameter of 1 cm to 1.9 cm and other dimensions, the end of the tail with cotton thread (pull rope)

  • Under Pad

    With the rapid pace of life, the demand group of adult care mats is expanding, from the need for bed rest, the elderly to women and newborn babies during menstruation, and even long-distance travelers, to use adult care mats. Today, lets le

  • Blood count type parturient pad

    Blood count type parturient pad, belongs to a kind of medical measurement postpartum hemorrhage device. The structure includes a production pad with a sufficient area for adsorbing blood. The production pad is made of sanitary materials tha

  • organic cotton santiary pad: lochia

    Women postpartum, including spontaneous labor, induced labor, cesarean section, with uterine omentum shedding, containing blood, necrotic decidua and other tissues through the vagina, called lochia, this is the clinical manifestation of par

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