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  • Hygiene during menstruation of women

    1. Pay attention to hygiene and prevent infection: pay attention to the cleaning of external genitalia. Pelvic bath is not recommended during menstruation, but shower is allowed to prevent upward infection.The sanitary napkin used should be

  • How do the elderly prevent eczema of the urine?

    Dont think about that the long-term use of diapers will cause red butt problems for babies, while the use of diapers for the elderly will also cause problems such as hot and stuffy, airtight skin, redness, eczema and even ulcers. Skin care

  • TOP DIAPERS: How do old people choose diapers? 

    Due to the high incidence and adverse effects of urinary incontinence in the elderly, diapers and diapers have become the regular care supplies for many elderly people.So how to choose suitable for their own diapers, urine not wet?Huang Tia

  • What's the difference between zip pants and diapers?

    Found that many mothers do not know when to give their children to use diapers, and when to use zip pants?There may not seem to be any difference between the two, but the significance to the development of children is completely different.

  • What's the use of expired diapers?

    1. Expired diapers can be used to mop the floor. As the saying goes, rotten ship also has three catties of nails.Outdated diapers are slightly less absorbent, but theyre still many times stronger than regular rags or mops.Use expired diaper

  • The diaper that still unpack expired still can use?

    The vast majority of new mothers are easy to buy too much diapers for their babies. However, the babies grow faster, so the babies need to change to a larger size before the diapers are finished.Mothers often have a headache and dont know w

  • Forecast and Analysis of the market status and market size of Adult incontinence products in China in 2020

    China Business Information Network: Chinas disposable sanitary products industry started in the 1980s, with the entry of foreign capital, in the 1990s entered the period of accelerated development, consumer habits gradually formed, at the s

  • non-recyclables

    Sanitary napkins and diapers are not recyclable items . Sanitary napkins and diapers are disposable items and cannot be cleaned, disinfected and reused.Sanitary napkin is the female monthly essential goods, female menstrual period is the mo

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