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  • incontinence adult diaper:Adult diapers market

    Adult diapers market demand burst, the market scale of nearly 10 billion? Population ageing promotes greater market size At present, Chinas pension care market is expanding. According to the research group of the National Social Science Fun

  • biodegradable baby diaper:How old does the baby need no more diapers?

    How old does the baby need no more diapers?

  • cotton sanitary napkin:Effects of Sex on Menstrual Period

    sex To be honest, this can be a real willpower challenge, especially during the last day or two of your period.Case study: A female patient had been married for more than three years and had been embarrassed about one thing.Her husband is a

  • sanitary pad: Don't eat these during your period

    Dont eat these during your period 1.Raw and cold: The cold food in traditional Chinese medicine, such as pears, bananas, water chestnuts, stone ears, stone flowers, ground ears.Most of these foods have the effect of clearing away heat and d

  • Adverse effects of malnutrition on women

    Undernutrition Because after menstruation comes tide, want to lose the blood of certain amount every month, want to increase nutrition appropriately so, wait like protein, vitamin and iron, calcium.Menstrual period should eat a little more

  • Effects of strong tea on menstruation

    Drink too much strongtea Menstrual period should be appropriate to drink more water, should not drink strong tea.Because strong tea contains caffeine to be higher, can stimulate nerve and cardiovascular, bring about dysmenorrhea easily, per

  • organic cotton santiary pad:Overwork

    Too tired During the menstrual period, we should pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of work and rest time, avoid strenuous exercise and physical labor, and achieve a combination of work and rest.Why can period dysmenorrhea?May be a

  • cotton sanitary napkin : Emotions and menstruation

    Be emotional Menstrual period should be as usual to maintain a happy mood, prevent emotional fluctuations, do not get excited when things happen, maintain a stable mood is very important.Such as emotional, depression and anger often make qi

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