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  • biodegradable sanitary napkin:Who are sanitary napkins suitable for?

    Maternity, women in the vagina after the birth of a large number of lochia excretion, this time the use of ordinary sanitary napkins may be difficult to absorb these blood, and pants sanitary napkins absorption is better, suitable for postp

  • The difference between puerperium nursing pad and maternal sanitary napkin?

    Maternal nursing pad is a sanitary nursing product for parturient, because the surface material of nursing pad is softer and more obvious, the effect of absorbing lochia is more obvious, and the air permeability is not easy to be tortured b

  • Preparation of sanitary napkins for caesarean section

    During the pregnancy of pregnant women, sanitary napkins can be prepared in advance, because in the postpartum parturient there will be lochia excretion, which requires sanitary napkins, and the use of sanitary napkins should also be based

  • Feminine Health:Sanitary pads

    Small sanitary pads are easy to use and are popular with women. Some people even use them every day except menstrual periods, and most users do not use them as frequently as changing sanitary napkins, usually only one per day. The time is m

  • Maternal pad

    Maternal pad,waterproof pad cloth, for nursing use. Applicable object: puerperium parturient, abortion, induced labor, or gynecological surgery. The product is made of nonwovens [Product characteristics] 1. reduce allergies, reduce injury

  • baby pant: Wrong behavior about baby diapers

    Wrong behavior about baby diapers 1.Always wash with a wet paper Although wet paper is very convenient, but also can not rely too much. Some parents say , I buy wet wipes are natural, harmless, non-irritating , but wet wipes contain disinfe

  • biodegradable baby pant: Changing diapers not timely

    biodegradable baby pant

  • quality baby diaper: change diapers

    Error : Lift your babys feet too high Every time the baby changes diapers appear crying, uncomfortable, diaper rash, red buttocks and other problems, many because parents ignore some small details. So, today Xiaokang Jun has to emphasize wi

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