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  • Postpartum physiological pants

    In the early postpartum period, the mothers physical condition is very strict to the nursing requirement, because the pregnant woman is particularly sensitive to the skin in the early postpartum period, so the underwear material must not st

  • Adult diapers

    Adult diapers are one of the disposable diapers and one of the adult care products. They are mainly suitable for incontinence adults. Most of the products are purchased in flakes, wearing shorts. Use adhesive sheets to connect into a pair o

  • Sanitary pads

    Small sanitary pads (panty liner) are easy to use and are popular with women. Some people even use them every day except menstrual periods, and most users do not use them as often as they replace sanitary napkins, usually only one per day.

  • Special sanitary napkin

    Usually, after delivery, the birth canal will flow out such as menstrual blood secretion, this kind of bleeding from the position of placenta implantation, mixed with the remains of the uterus decidua, tissue debris and mucus and other secr

  • Love sports but will happen leak urine, how to deal with?

    Love sports but will happen leak urine, how to deal with? use appropriate cotton pads to avoid embarrassment caused by incontinence If the amount of leakage is not large, you can use lighter and comfortable, to prevent urinary incontinence

  • What should be done when exercise is easy to leak urine?

    In fact, after the production of women are very easy to have urinary incontinence, the general daily life is good, but the movement of jumping, running, so that the original urinary incontinence has become more serious, every time before go

  • Male baby diapers easy side leakage how to do?

    There are many mothers complain that some boys wake up after the diaper side leakage, the babys clothes and sleeping bedding are wet, this not only makes the baby easy to catch cold, but also spend a lot of time cleaning bedding, it is too

  • Preparation for baby touch

    Some mothers want to do baby touch exercises for your baby, but dont know what to prepare for before doing exercises? Today there is a small specific talk. Before 1. touch the baby, be sure to give the baby a comfortable position. At the sa

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