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  • Liquid sanitary napkin

    Liquid sanitary napkin is a new sanitary napkin, which does not have liquid, but uses a new absorbent material, similar to the porous form of memory cotton. Compared with traditional sanitary napkins, liquid sanitary napkins are drier and m

  • sanitary napkin:During the period of new crown pneumonia, pregnant women go out for medical attention

    During the period of new crown pneumonia, pregnant women go out for medical attention: 1.If non-natal check-up medical treatment, should be able to meet the needs of the nearest, less outpatient medical institutions; give priority to the ne

  • incontinence pad:Maternal self-health monitoring and management during new coronary pneumonia

    1. do a good job of self-health monitoring. Pay attention to daily temperature, weight changes, respiratory tract infection symptoms, regular monitoring of fetal movements. 2. pregnant women in early pregnancy, if B have confirmed intrauter

  • organic cotton santiary pad:Public Guidelines for the Prevention of New Coronary Pneumonia (Maternity)

    New crown pneumonia is a new disease, pregnant women in the middle and late pregnancy once infected, easy to develop into severe, not only affect their own health, but also endanger the fetus. In order to ensure the health of mother and chi

  • Feminine Health:Sanitary pads

    Small sanitary pads are easy to use and are popular with women. Some people even use them every day except menstrual periods, and most users do not use them as frequently as changing sanitary napkins, usually only one per day. The time is m

  • Maternal pad

    Maternal pad,waterproof pad cloth, for nursing use. Applicable object: puerperium parturient, abortion, induced labor, or gynecological surgery. The product is made of nonwovens [Product characteristics] 1. reduce allergies, reduce injury

  • incontinence adult diaper:Adult diapers market

    Adult diapers market demand burst, the market scale of nearly 10 billion? Population ageing promotes greater market size At present, Chinas pension care market is expanding. According to the research group of the National Social Science Fun

  • Forecast and Analysis of the market status and market size of Adult incontinence products in China in 2020

    China Business Information Network: Chinas disposable sanitary products industry started in the 1980s, with the entry of foreign capital, in the 1990s entered the period of accelerated development, consumer habits gradually formed, at the s

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