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  • Love sports but will happen leak urine, how to deal with?

    Love sports but will happen leak urine, how to deal with?

    1. use appropriate cotton pads to avoid embarrassment caused by incontinence

     If the amount of leakage is not large, you can use lighter and comfortable, to prevent urinary incontinence cotton pad.

     Cut down on water 2. exercise and empty urine

     It is not controversial to empty urine and then exercise, but reducing water consumption is not appropriate for some sports that are prone to sweating, especially if you want to engage in competitive activities at high temperatures. Instead, water should be replenished properly before exercise to avoid sweating and dehydration during exercise.

     3. strengthening pelvic floor muscle training (Kegel exercise)


     Women who love exercise have stronger muscle strength and better cardiopulmonary function, but do not mean stronger pelvic floor muscles, because general exercise does not strengthen this part of the muscle strength. Therefore, women with urinary leakage problems can usually strengthen pelvic floor muscle training.

     4. urinary incontinence surgical treatment

     If stress urinary incontinence is serious and conservative treatment is not ideal, urinary incontinence surgery is an option, and exercise can be restored for a period of time after operation. Because sling surgery strengthens urethral support, it can effectively improve the symptoms of urinary incontinence.