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  • What should be done when exercise is easy to leak urine?

    In fact, after the production of women are very easy to have urinary incontinence, the general daily life is good, but the movement of jumping, running, so that the original urinary incontinence has become more serious, every time before going out to exercise to lay a thick cotton pad, both embarrassing and inconvenient. Some women therefore dare not exercise, but not exercise, have a negative impact on health, is not a good choice. Obesity is the enemy of health and is prone to stress urinary incontinence. Exercise is indispensable to maintain proper weight and good physical fitness. The problem is that many exercises can cause increased abdominal pressure and cause leakage of urine. According to a paper published by Aletha Silva Caetano in 2007, many female athletes have actually experienced urinary leakage during exercise.

     Because urinary incontinence can make athletes feel embarrassed, even ashamed, affecting sports performance, serious will stop exercise. How to choose between the dilemmas? The ideal method is to avoid the exercise that will cause pelvic floor relaxation, usually strengthen pelvic floor muscle contraction exercise, can avoid urinary incontinence deterioration.


    What exercise is easy to do leak urine? 

    Brampoline (spring-jumping, trampoline) According to a study, violent bouncing allowed 80% of young female athletes who had not produced a leak of urine. According to the research, the long jump can reach 16 times the weight of foot and ground contact, and the muscle impact on pelvic floor can be imagined. Gymnastics (including aerobic exercise) limbs (including legs and perineum) fully stretch, and there are many jumping movements, the process is prone to urinary incontinence. Every foot and ground impact during running requires extravesical sphincter contraction to prevent urine leakage. With the increase of exercise time, the bladder gradually filled with urine, and the external sphincter began to fatigue and leak urine. Basketball includes fast running, rebounding, jumping and shooting, which is easy to leak urine. Weightlifting can cause abdominal pressure to rise, causing stress urinary incontinence. Squatting has recently become popular because it can train core muscles, thin abdomen, so many women friends flock to. But women's legs slightly open after squatting down this action, it is easy to leak urine. I recommend that women who prefer to squat exercise, while squatting, standing up while contracting the perineum muscles, the probability of leakage can be reduced.