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    Some mothers want to do baby touch exercises for your baby, but don't know what to prepare for before doing exercises? Today there is a small specific talk.


     Before 1. touch the baby, be sure to give the baby a comfortable position. At the same time, choose a quiet and clean room, if you can play some soft music for the baby.

     Before 2. touch the baby, make sure that the baby is not too hungry or too full. Should choose the appropriate time to do baby touch exercises, and auxiliary exercises, preferably after the bath.

     Before 3. do baby touch exercises, prepare your baby's towels and replacement clothes. Also need to put the baby lotion in advance, gently rub in your palm, so that your hands become warmer.

     The temperature in the 4. room must be kept at about 25℃, which helps the baby to accept the baby touch better.

     5. must do baby touch exercises at a fixed time every day. Choose the baby after 30 minutes of milk to do.


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