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  • How to do baby touch exercises?

    Many parents understand the benefits of baby touch exercises, but do not know how to operate baby touch exercises? Today by small editor to specific chat steps.

    4381e568988e4fbf90e70b79cd44ef5d_th.jpg1. head touch can relieve the baby's face tension. You can take a proper amount of baby moisturizer, from the center of the baby's forehead to push out, and then eyebrow, chin and people, the action must be light.

     2. chest touch can smooth the baby's breathing cycle. The mother can put her hands on both sides of the baby's ribs, one hand sliding up to the baby's shoulder position, and then recover.

     3. hand touch can increase the baby's flexible response. Let the baby's hands droop, with one hand to hold the baby's arm from the upper arm to the wrist, gently squeeze you, and gently knead the wrist.

     4. abdominal touch, help baby stomach activity. Mothers can massage the baby's abdomen clockwise, but do n' t massage the area until the baby's umbilical scab falls off.

     5. leg touch, can effectively increase the baby's motor coordination function. Can massage baby's thigh, calf, knee all the way to the ankle, gently squeeze can.


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