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     There are many mothers in the choice of baby touch oil, will be overwhelmed, so today small editor said that the purchase of touch oil can also be called massage oil three principles.

     There are many kinds of baby massage oil visible on the market, as long as three conditions can be purchased. They are non-flavor, plant, cold pressure type.

     1. fragranceless massage oil: this massage oil allows the baby to contact and smell the mother's smell, thus further establishing a mother-child relationship. And fragrant massage oil, even after the shelf life can not be judged, if the use of expired massage oil, no good for the baby.

     2. plant massage oil: the most widely seen on the market is apricot peach oil and almond oil absorption as the fastest. Because plant oil molecules are smaller and more conducive to baby absorption. Other properties of oil, especially easy to block the baby's skin pores, so not very suitable.

     3. cold press massage oil: in other words, physical press extraction. This method can effectively retain the nutrients in the oil, but also effectively avoid the risk of deterioration during high temperature extraction.


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