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  • Benefits of Baby Touch

     There are many novice mothers who are not very good at communicating with their children. Small editor tells you that proper baby touch is good for the child.

     1. can not only increase the feelings between mother and child in the process of touching the baby. Can also enhance the baby's resistance, improve their own immunity. Daily touch of 10 to 15 minutes can enhance immune cells, but also enhance the baby's immunity and resistance to external stimuli.

     2. baby touch can also promote the baby's body blood circulation, so that the baby's body excreta can be discharged smoothly, and can also increase the softness of the skin and bones; by touching, Can further stabilize the baby's uneasiness, increase communication with the baby.

     3. appropriate baby touch, can effectively promote the baby's sleep, but also can improve the baby's crying before bedtime. This kind of pay can let the baby nervous mood get the corresponding relief, is advantageous to the baby to enter the sleep state. Only by ensuring enough sleep can children grow up healthily.