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  • Cotton tampon:Related diseases


    Toxic shock syndrome (TSS): nearly half of the TSS occur in menstrual women, fortunately this disease is extremely rare. Because the tampon is in close contact with vaginal epithelial cells, it may reduce the body's resistance, because the replacement interval is too long, the endometrium is dry and cracked because of the absorption of tampon, which leads to the entry of a Staphylococcus aureus into the blood circulation system in the vagina, resulting in sore throat, fever, sore joints and muscles, falling blood pressure, and even shock in severe cases. Cotton tampon absorption is too good, users may think that there is no need to change frequently, thus increasing the chance of infection, so it is considered that the absorption of tampon is related to toxic shock syndrome (TSS.

     Symptoms include congestion in the eyes and rash, which can cause organ failure.

     The way to improve is that users should pay attention to their own use and be diligent in changing tampons, preferably alternately using tampons and tampons.