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    With the improvement of people's living standard and the increasing attention to the aesthetic concept of scientific health, postpartum repair, a new industry devoted to women's health and beauty, is produced. After production, women often need some recovery and maintenance because of their weakness, which is called postpartum repair.

     Postpartum repair refers to the female after the birth, often because the body is too weak and need a certain amount of recovery and maintenance, and this recovery and maintenance is called postpartum repair. Postpartum repair contains the main aspects of postpartum perineum part of the private cell vitality factor nursing and postpartum body shape recovery postpartum uterine recovery and postpartum psychological recovery women must pay attention to the balance of nutritional diet during recovery.

     As people's living standards improve and pay more and more attention to the aesthetic concept of scientific health, postpartum recovery —— a new industry devoted to women's health and beauty, has quietly risen in our country. When the western concept is combined with the oriental tradition, when a specific market segment finds the corresponding profit model, the business opportunities will be fully revealed. The emerging postpartum recovery, postpartum care industry once again explained this truth. According to professional estimates, postpartum recovery of the urban market potential of more than 10 billion yuan, the national market potential of more than 60 billion yuan. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the annual output value of postpartum recovery industry has exceeded 500 million yuan, so the postpartum recovery market in China is a great cake with great temptation and potential.

     Most contemporary urban women have a more open vision and fashionable concept of healthy life. They pay special attention to the quality of postpartum life and look forward to health and beauty. But so far, there are only a few service items such as postpartum recovery in various cities throughout the country, and professional postpartum recovery training institutions are rare. Postpartum recovery physiotherapists service personnel, the market gap is huge, far from meeting the expanding market demand for maternal and child care.

     The focus of postpartum recovery is the recovery of body shape. But postpartum thin, should be carried out more than six weeks after delivery.

     Since childbirth consumes most of the physical strength of a normal woman, women need to supplement some nutrition to support their recovery and lactation. So postpartum weight loss is suitable for more than six weeks after delivery. And should pay attention to step by step, not too urgent. Postpartum how to lose weight? Attention should be paid to:

     1. control calories and fat, including all kinds of fried food, fat, animal offal and all kinds of staple food are to eat less. And staple food can be diversified, increase all kinds of coarse grain.

     2. diet is light. To eat less salt, the more salty things you eat, the more you want to eat. Eat less processed foods with sauces, which are rich in sugar, salt and flour, and it will increase your calories.

     3. a balanced diet. Every day according to the plan balanced arrangement of their own diet, at the same time pay attention to timing, do not over-eat. To slow down the meal time, each meal time is not less than 20 minutes.

     4. quit the night, chew slowly, each meal can be kept 70% full.