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  • How to treat lumbar ache after caesarean section?


    When women are pregnant, with the increase of gestational weeks, the stomach is getting bigger and bigger. The weight of the fetus is pressed on the spine of the pregnant woman, which causes the pregnant woman to lean forward. But the deformed spine can not be corrected, so there will be waist pain, then, after caesarean section how to treat waist pain?

     Women in caesarean section after waist pain, can use hot towel in the waist hot compress after bathing every day, at the same time with waist massage, moderate strength, repeat many times, can promote waist blood circulation, help improve the phenomenon of waist pain. If the waist pain is more serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital through the instrument to do physiotherapy, generally can be quickly alleviated.

     If there is no breast-feeding woman, if the waist pain has not been improved, under the guidance of doctors through the use of symptomatic drugs to improve waist pain. Usually can do some waist repair exercise, but the range of exercise is not too large, according to the physical conditions.

     In daily life, women with waist pain should try to avoid sitting for a long time, which will increase the burden on the waist, let their families hold children, and give them less if they have waist pain, because the weight of the child will also increase the pressure on the waist. Make waist pain symptoms more obvious. Usually to rest, if calcium deficiency, but also need to supplement calcium.

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