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  • Method of selecting and purchasing puerperium pads

    Puerperal nursing pad is a special medical care equipment for puerpera and a sanitary towel for puerpera. Puerperal nursing pad can effectively prevent the clinical problems that may occur during puerperium. Puerperal nursing pad is a necessary personal article for pregnant women after delivery. In the first half of the month, there will be a large amount of lochia flowing out every day. The general sanitary towel is not hygienic and too small to be satisfied. At this time, professional puerperal nursing pad should be used. Therefore, the correct choice is particularly important, the next call on how to buy it.

     Method 1: Look at the material

     Cotton surface is the most ideal cotton high permeability, not easy to cause allergies, and the general fiber mesh is easy to cause allergies.

     Method 2: Absorptive Capacity

     Strong absorption ability to lead lochia into the product, high ability to store lochia, reduce the chance of leakage to both sides due to late absorption.

     Method 3: Test the ability to prevent leakage

     When the nursing pad is pressed and the body compresses the nursing pad to the middle, there is still no side leakage on both sides of the nursing pad. It is best to choose the anti-fold nursing pad to reduce the chance of side leakage.


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