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    After giving birth, the parturient faces new problems, such as severe hair loss. See oneself big turn hair, parturient is very anxious, feel oneself so big drop hair, one day can become bald son, when time is very ugly. So, postpartum hair loss is serious what reason?

     Postpartum hair loss is seriously related to the change of body hormone secretion level. After giving birth to a child, the body hormone level is unstable, especially the decrease of estrogen secretion, which brings the problem of hair loss to the parturient. Delivery makes parturient exhaust energy, postpartum need lactation relation, easy to aggravate the problem of body qi and blood insufficiency, thus cause hair loss problem more and more serious.

     Maternal hair loss is also related to the spirit, because after the birth of a child after the identity has changed, the maternal needs to take care of the newborn, appear pressure, depression, emotional instability, plus the original symptoms of hair loss, so that the maternal more anxious, after a long time will aggravate the symptoms of hair loss.

     In the face of serious hair loss problems, mothers need to relax first, do not let bad emotions always follow themselves. Diet must obtain adequate nutrition, protein, calcium, vitamins, inorganic salts, iron and other nutrients must be comprehensive and balanced intake, to help the body to make up for the lack of production process, improve the deficiency of qi and blood and other problems, hair can absorb nutrients without falling off. In addition, the parturient needs a good rest, don't stay up late.

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